Beeswax and how to make soap

Hi and welcome to my new blog!  In this blog I will be telling you about all things bees!

First off, let’s chat about beeswax.  It is really incredible how bees make wax.  They peel it off their stomachs!  Most people think of beeswax candles when they think of beeswax, but actually there are some amazing uses of beeswax as you can find in cosmetics.  I really like this article in wikipedia.  It lists a lot of uses for beeswax.

You also can use beeswax to make soap.  It thickens it up and gives a really nice effect.  Many people will add honey, essential oils, or even goat’s milk to add other natural elements.  I have made soap myself and loved adding real lavender flowers.

With all this said, it is very important to save the bees.  They are dying and it’s up to us to take care of them.  I recommend getting in touch with an all natural beekeeper, not only to source your honey, but also to support the efforts of local beekeepers to save the bees.  One of the best Arizona Beekeepers I have found.  He is in Phoenix and Scottsdale and can be found at his website abellobees.

Pesticides and antibiotics are very bad for bees and they get into the honey and wax.  All of those chemicals will end up in your cosmetics and ultimately absorbed into your skin.  So choose local and go organic!